11 jun. 2010


Thank you every time, we really really love you, you're soooo perfect, you know, dont you? You must do..
Have you ever listen a original Andreas' song? So this it's your time, he has a blog, a exciting blog, (Yes, go on it and see it HERE!) He is perfecttt, completelly..
We've selected some songs that he sings, he also has a youtube's account, there we've found them.. Enjoy his songs (I guess you'll do) The first song is an adaptation of Where is the love sing by Black eyed peas

4 comentarios:

B. (urbanandtrendy) dijo...

es PERFECTO, no hay mas

Tere dijo...

incredible videos!!
i didnt know the singer, but he is very nice!

Paz dijo...

I love Andreas' videos, are FANTASTIC, I didn't meet him anyever, but now I meet him :) With love.

Anónimo dijo...

ha! i'm already know that he has a blog..he is so beautiful